KOSPI & KOSDAQ recommendation 1

As the domestic panic in the Korean stock market, which resulted from the Wuhan coronavirus, is expected to gradually diminish sooner or later, I have shortlisted Korean stocks to buy.

The following order is irrelevant to preference nor priority, and number in the bracket is a ticker.

코엔텍; Koentec[029960]
에이치엘사이언스; HL Science[239610]
신대양제지; DY Group[016590]
써니전자; Sunny Electronics[004770]
에스맥; S-mac[097780]
한양디지텍; Hanyang DGT[078350]
코렌; Kolen[078650]
에프앤에프; F&F[007700]
매일유업; Maeil[267980]
보령제약; Boryung Pharmaceutical[003850]
다나와; Danawa[119860]
나이스디앤비; NiceDnB[130580]
한국기업평가; Korea Ratings[034950]
LG생활건강; LG Household and Healthcare[051900]
해성디에스; Haesung DS[195870]
대아티아이; Dae-A TI[045390]
레이; Ray Medical[228670]
아프리카TV; Africa TV[067160]
디오; Dio[039840]
SKC코오롱PI; SKC Kolon PI[178920]
웹케시; Webcash[053580]
뷰웍스; Vieworks[100120]
현대바이오; Hyundai Bio[048410]
에스텍파마; Estech Parmaceutical[041910]
오픈베이스; Openbase[049480]
루미마이크로; Lumi Micro[082800]
KPX라이프사이언스; KPX Life Science[114450]
코리안리; Koreanre[003690]
다날; Danal[064260]
메리츠종금증권; Meritz Securities[008560]


Disclaimer: I am having some position for five firms in the list. I encourage not to use the recommendation herein as the only resource to be relied upon for investments, and I am not responsible for any investment results.

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